“Feel the Fear and do it anyways.”

                                      "Feel the fear and do it anyways."  While I was watching one of my Absolute favorite Youtubers aka. Kalyn Nicholson she said this quote in one of her videos and it really impacted me.   I'm someone who is … Continue reading “Feel the Fear and do it anyways.”


It’s up!

It's  up! My first video for Weds on Adventure Is Out there! It's not the best video quality, for some reason there's this weird sound I couldn't get to go away and I was talking quietly because I filmed it when everyone was in bed asleep BUT it is up! And I'm excited to get … Continue reading It’s up!

Youtube Goals.

I had mentioned I believe that one of my goals is to get better at Youtube with filming, editing, uploading etc. So I decided to set one day I will up load a video instead of a up in the air kind of uploading scheduled. I'm starting it slow and only doing one actual video … Continue reading Youtube Goals.

blog challenge/ day 10 #Few of my favorite things

"Just a few of my favorite things!" So in the picture are a few of the one's I'm going to tell you about.. So we will start with those. 🙂 First picture is of me in a dress...  It's very classy and it makes me feel more confident about myself which is the main reason … Continue reading blog challenge/ day 10 #Few of my favorite things

Adventures It Out There Youtube Channel!

So I have finally done a video on Adventure Is out there! youtube channel again! It's been sooooOOOoooooo long. And it's really quiet because everyone was in bed and super dark and I was nervous but I did it. I made a Midnight talk's video about something I felt like I should for a while … Continue reading Adventures It Out There Youtube Channel!