I don’t want a Perfect Fairytale.



Yes, yes, I admit  I enjoy watching/reading those chick flick happy ending, sappy, fairy tale sometimes corny stories and movies. But so many girls get set that’s  how they wan’t a relationship to be like or find a “Perfect guy” that says”You’re so perfect you don’t have a single flaw.” like in the movies. I however am not one of those. At one point early teen years yeah, sure. But now, I don’t want you to put me under a beauty filter and call me perfect because I am no where near perfect. I have so many faults, flaws, scars, problems, etc..  I want someone who knows and will tell me I’m not perfect but they still love or care about me. I don’t want to have promises made that are 100% chance at some point they will broken like for instance “I will never hurt you.” Because yes, you will at some point get hurt  or hurt the other it’s just bound to happen because we are all humans who make mistakes.

I don’t want Perfect I want real, honesty, loyalty, Effort, someone who pushes me to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. I’d rather have either a dork in tin foil or a guy in blue jeans boots and covered in dirt or grease then a prince.  I know I’m a bit of an odd duck. haha But I’ve also loved the wrong people, people who didn’t deserve it. I’ve been burned more time’s than things went well. And through all those hard, terrible and sometimes okay “relationships” It’s brought me to here. I did at one point settle for I wouldn’t even call some guys more like boys. I settled for so much less than I should have and I did at times pay the price for settling my standards that low. And also after having a glimpse at a entire beautiful universe.. why would I settle for just the small earth? (May not make sense to you but it does in my lil ol brain of mine. haha) So I no longer want to let my standards get that low, I don’t want to settle for boys or being treated a belittling way. Now sometimes do I get kinda small likes for guys? Yeah, but at the end of the day or even then I ask myself would I honestly want to date them or marry them? If the answer is no then I try and just get over it and focus on something else.. Like Fictional Characters such as the Flash or Luke from The longest Ride.  haha!

So these are just some of the late night thoughts that have been going on through my head for a little while now.. But I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend ❤



“You’re a rose, be with someone who isn’t afraid of your thorns..”


So my being my deep thinking self  I was pondering on some beautiful quotes I found on Pinterest that I think go really well together in a sense..

“You’re a rose, be with someone who isn’t afraid of your thorns.” -r.h. Sin

“Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness.” R.Queen 

We all have our own thorns and darkness and not everyone can understand, love or touch us because of them. Either they don’t know how to handle someone with such thorns for fear of being pricked or they don’t know how to walk  and see through the darkness. And it’s not always easy to love someone’s thorns or love them when they’re dark side comes out. It has to also be a choice but that’s also actual love and a whole other discussion. lol

However  I especially like the quote by  by R. Queen. ” Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness.” I’m someone who I’m okay with small talk but I really love and I mean love deeper discussions, topics etc. I love learning about people’s minds, hearts, souls, passions, and fears. It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy, positive, things are going well, etc. But the real challenge and thing I love about loving people is when they’re in the dark.  And some people (I admit I fall into this)  don’t share their darkness with anyone they keep it to themselves so if they show you, it means they trust you and your special to them.   I’m not saying it’s easy to love someone’s darkness and it’s fun I am saying though sometimes we find some people we think are worth maybe getting pricked by the thorns or we want to know the darkness to know them better and to know how to be there for them.  Loving someone, truly loving someone is a choice in it’s self not just the warm fuzzy feeling that’s something I’ve learned. And I love how these quotes show this but in a different way at least to me. ❤



blog challenge/ day 10 #Few of my favorite things


“Just a few of my favorite things!”

So in the picture are a few of the one’s I’m going to tell you about.. So we will start with those. 🙂 First picture is of me in a dress…  It’s very classy and it makes me feel more confident about myself which is the main reason I love it. Second thing is my Jeep! I love my Jeep. It’s reliable, not to shabby on gas, perfect size, can go anywhere in it and it’s just simply a Jeep! ❤  Third is my cousins Youtube channel  it’sjustdiana ! Oh my gosh I love her channel!  I jump with excitement whenever I see she’s posted a new video let alone a new blog post! 🙂  Fourth in the picture is the sunglasses. I *love* these! I got them at Ross for about $4.00 they’re comfortable, cute, kind of a rose gold-ish metal finish I absolutely love them.

Now for my other favorites…

  • Coffee. Obviously, I had to include coffee. #Coffeelover
  • Pinterest. Shock of the century ! I’m also a pinterest addict. ❤ xD
  • My Ipod. I love my music and can’t live without it. It’s either my Ipod playing or Spotify on my phone.
  • Youtube. I’ve been catching up on all my favorite youtubers since I have yet to find a job.
  • Best Fiends game.  This is a game I go back to all the time. It’s easy and you can do levels you don’t really have to think about if you want to play a game that doesn’t need you to use your brain cells but if you do you can do the harder levels once you get there. 🙂
  • Sweat Pants. I. Can’t. Even. Express. How much I love them! ❤
  • Netflix. obviously… Can’t forget bae!
  • Mcdonalds french fries! Seriously, this is my weakness…. With ranch to dip them in. ❤






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