Cold weather & Coffee lazy day

I decided to take today to have a kind of lazy day after I organized my dad's receipts for taxes but multi tasked when I did them and also did a face mask and watched the Lorax (One of my favorites) while I did some of them. 🙂 I also am enjoying some coffee in … Continue reading Cold weather & Coffee lazy day


Blog challenge/ day 14 #Average day

What my average day looks like.... Well I don't do a lot to be honest. but here we go. Depending on when I went to bed and if I really slept much depends when I wake up. haha sometimes it's 8 sometimes it's 11. Then I will go and make some coffee then come back … Continue reading Blog challenge/ day 14 #Average day

Blog Challenge/ Day 11 #Outfit of the day

I'm so sorry my posts haven't been day to day but today's challenge I'm doing yesterdays's outfit and today's. You will see and understand why. 🙂 Yesterday's Outfit: Yeseterday was Diabetes awareness day. So my mom had requested any friends who wanted to help show support to wear blue and take a picture and post it … Continue reading Blog Challenge/ Day 11 #Outfit of the day