lazy day

Cold weather & Coffee lazy day

I decided to take today to have a kind of lazy day after I organized my dad’s receipts for taxes but multi tasked when I did them and also did a face mask and watched the Lorax (One of my favorites) while I did some of them. 🙂

I also am enjoying some coffee in one of my favorite mugs this morning. ❤


Now that I’ve finished organizing the receipts and the Lorax is over I’ve got one of the Netflix fireplaces on and am listening to my Country playlist on Spotify (I’ve been a bit obsessed with country atm) while talking to one of my best friends. Just taking it easy.  I’m thinking of editing the vlogs I’ve somewhat done this past week and maybe posting it for those who would be interested. 🙂 One of my goals for this year is to be better at Youtube both recording things, editing and posting them. 🙂

ALSO PS. I am *loving* this mask my mom got me for Christmas! My face decided to do a  type change with this crazy weather and the mask I’ve been able to use twice and it’s SO amazing! Highly recommend it and the brand! You can find them at walmart for rounded $2.00 also the Freeman one’s are really good as well! Just in case you want to pamper your face! 🙂 ❤ Hope you all have a wonderful, lazy or productive Saturday! ❤



Blog challenge/ day 14 #Average day

What my average day looks like…. Well I don’t do a lot to be honest. but here we go.

Depending on when I went to bed and if I really slept much depends when I wake up. haha sometimes it’s 8 sometimes it’s 11. Then I will go and make some coffee then come back to my room and watch Netflix or a movie. Sometime’s I’ll be talking to my friends, I’ll look at Pinterest, play my favorite games on my phone of the moment, facebook, instagram, snapchat and etc. Eventually I’ll grab some food watch more tv or some youtube, snack snack snack snack snack and snack lol Might go drive around a little bit or sometimes go to town. Someday’s I go to the youth center and watch Criminal Minds or the Dick Van Dyke show.  Yeah I know… I’m pretty boring. xD

Blog Challenge/ Day 11 #Outfit of the day

I’m so sorry my posts haven’t been day to day but today’s challenge I’m doing yesterdays’s outfit and today’s. You will see and understand why. 🙂

Yesterday’s Outfit:

Yeseterday was Diabetes awareness day. So my mom had requested any friends who wanted to help show support to wear blue and take a picture and post it on Facebook. So Yesterday I did katies super hero mask and did entirely blue makeup and dressed in blue. Blue shirt, blue jeans, blue lips and blue eyes:)


Today’s Outfit:


Lazy Day! I’m wearing of course my mis match socks, a black tank top from walmart, workout pants from Ross and a cross between a sweatshirt and a regular shirt that says “I woke up like this”  which is also from Ross. So very comfy style today.

I’ve been in comfy clothing *a lot* lately.. lol!


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