Pills, pains, and closet’s.

                 **** DISCLAIMER**** I am NOT encouraging drug use or alcohol to try and fix problems, or to try and stop pains etc. Don't do drugs, don't take pills unless needed and be wise! We all take pain meds for when our body's are Hurting whether it be from … Continue reading Pills, pains, and closet’s.


Life’s Roads.

Life's adventure can sometimes be a smooth highway road with just a few bumps on a beautiful sunny day where you can have the windows down and happy tunes playing and sometimes it's a highway with potholes that rattle you're vehicle and make things sound like they're breaking, in a blizzard where you can hardly … Continue reading Life’s Roads.

TBH. . .

To be Honest. . . Things have taken a turn recently. I can't sleep or go to sleep till about 3-4 am. And even when I do I don't sleep well or have a restful sleep because I feel awake even though I'm sleeping.  I feel sick or like my body's trying to fight getting … Continue reading TBH. . .