“Feel the Fear and do it anyways.”

                                      “Feel the fear and do it anyways.” 

While I was watching one of my Absolute favorite Youtubers aka. Kalyn Nicholson she said this quote in one of her videos and it really impacted me.  

I’m someone who is scared. Scared to do things that I want to do, wish to do, etc. Partially from over thinking but just because it’s also hard for me to leave my comfort zone especially if so alone. It’s scary to do something you’ve never done before especially if there’s no one with you to do it with. Something about that just makes things (to me) seem a little more terrifying. However, since last year my goal has been to push myself out there out of my comfort zone. I have succeeded in somethings such as getting my permit and license, getting a job, quitting a job, starting Youtube,  etc. However I want to try and do so even more and to try and conquer my fears and to use the fear towards doing things. Such as trying Yoga classes with a friend, a small road trip by myself maybe, trying a totally new food, who knows. But I’m not only going to love, admire and aspire to this quote I wan’t to apply it. So, this quote is my like, “Life” quote. 🙂


I’m someone who has a very, very and I mean very... bad memory and train of focus. Shocking, I know especially for being a girl. 😉 haha So, I write things on my arms. (Yes, I know it’s not good for me etc..Still do it though. lol) It helps me with reminders and encouragements especially doing hard times. Sometime’s it’s quotes, phrases, lyrics or symbols and I wrote among some other things this quote. ❤

I hope you all have a wonderful night  and don’t let fear stop you ❤


Blog Challenge/ Day 5 #Fears


Today we’re talking about fears. Everyone is afraid of something, if they say they don’t they’re lying. haha ;P  I have some silly fears and some serious and I’ll tell you a few of both.

  • Secret of Nims 2 movie – Not everyone remembers that movie or even know’s what they are. But I *really* do  N O T like it. The part with his brother… and the cats.. and the singing… NOPE, nope nopedy nope nope.
  • Zombies- Another huge fat NOPE. I do not do zombies. I used to be able to at least stand them but after a horrible nightmare I can’t do it. lol
  • Losing my family- I’ve always been afraid of losing my family. And after earlier this year, kinda even more so.
  • What’s in the dark- I’m not scared of the dark I’m scared of whats in the dark.  haha
  • Out of my comfort zone- I’m not someone who enjoys always being out of my comfort zone or doing things that are out of my comfort zone. But I still push myself to try and do different new things anyways. 🙂

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