Way’s to win my heart…<3

Now this may be a long-ish post because I will explain why on some things.  🙂

  1. Food. Food is bae and bae is food. You could bring me McDonalds french fries and chicken nuggets or even a coffee  I would be the happiest girl in the world.
  2.   Honesty. I would rather someone be honest with me no matter how big or small of a matter.
  3. Respectful. Respect is a huge thing. If you don’t respect myself or my parent’s no go. lol
  4. Pickup lines that have to do with things and shows I like. Fanfic pickup lines best things ever ❤ haha!

I don’t care about how much someone  spends. In fact I would rather someone not spend money. I’d rather have their time which you can never get back.  🙂

(Sorry this one’s a little late had to take Katiebug to her Checkup yesterday.)