day 12

Blog Challenge/ Day 12 #Things that make my day

Things that make my day…

  • Music – No matter what day I’m having I will be having music going. Sometimes Im just blasting it on not as great of days.
  • Driving – Driving is a huge stress reliever for me. I’d probably be gone a lot if gas was free. lol
  • Friends/family- Sometimes talking to someone or some of them can make my days.
  • Cuddling my stuffed animals I sleep with, laying in bed and watching netflix.
  • Food. Plain and simple. lol
  • Hugs.

Blog Challenge/ Day 11 #Outfit of the day

I’m so sorry my posts haven’t been day to day but today’s challenge I’m doing yesterdays’s outfit and today’s. You will see and understand why. 🙂

Yesterday’s Outfit:

Yeseterday was Diabetes awareness day. So my mom had requested any friends who wanted to help show support to wear blue and take a picture and post it on Facebook. So Yesterday I did katies super hero mask and did entirely blue makeup and dressed in blue. Blue shirt, blue jeans, blue lips and blue eyes:)


Today’s Outfit:


Lazy Day! I’m wearing of course my mis match socks, a black tank top from walmart, workout pants from Ross and a cross between a sweatshirt and a regular shirt that says “I woke up like this”  which is also from Ross. So very comfy style today.

I’ve been in comfy clothing *a lot* lately.. lol!


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