Blog challenge/ day 17. Meaning behind my blog name?


The meaning behind my blog name… 🙂

It’s actually a very simple short story. Has anyone seen the Disney’s movie Up? If you have then you know the main quote in the movie is “Adventure is Out there!”  And one day I was trying to think of a blog name and I was watching Up and it hit me.. I should use this saying as my Blogs title.  Life’s full of adventures big, small, good, bad, weird, and etc. And each day is an adventure it’s self. So I decided to call my blog “Adventure Is Out There!” 🙂

Tadaaaaaa 🙂


Blog challenge/ day 15. Photo of your handwriting.

Interesting fact: They claim that INFP my personality type’s hand writing is  they say “Hand writing that looks like some weird font that no one uses.” haha Which is kind of true in a way with me.. Mine’s more like print and cursive kinda mixed TBH.  haha  Sometime’s it’s super neat other’s it’s super messy.. This morning apparently it was super neat even though I have not had any coffee yet… o.o And yes no one accidentally got written to close together… that tend’s to happen sometimes… lol xD


Blog C H A L L E N G E #20 F a c t s

Today’s blog challenge is 20 facts about me. 🙂 So if you wanted to learn  little more about me here ya go! Be sure to go check out my cousins Blog post as well! Nanner662 Blog Challenge


  1. I *love* my hot cup of happiness  in the morning. ❤
  2. If it’s super hero related show, I will become obsessed with it. 😉
  3. I do N O T do Zombies. Nope. Nopedy, nope, nope.
  4. I can speak 3 languages: English, song lyrics and Movie references.
  5. I can’t live without my Chapstick.
  6.  My favorite scent of all time is Playboy’s Play it Lovely.
  7. I love beautiful words and quotes. So much. ❤
  8. I think more than people think I do. I’m a Over thinker.
  9. My desire and goal is to be a Makeup Artist.
  10. I have a beauty blog! Gorgeous Geek 32 <– Right there if you wanna go check it out. 😉
  11. Food. Is. Bae. ❤ ❤
  12. I love helping people.
  13.  I love music ❤
  14.  I’m a very un-organized and messy person. haha
  15.  I am  NOT good at video games even though they’re fun to play and I have no idea what I may be doing. xD
  16. I sleep with my stuffed giant dog named Valentine and my Mr. big fat fluffy penguin.
  17. I will be 20 on December 5th.
  18. I have 5 piercings.
  19. I’m a Pastors Daughter.
  20. I love me some Good Disney movies ❤