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Blog challenge/ day 16. My Proudest moment

I have a few of my proudest moments and since I can’t just choose one here’s the few moment’s. 🙂

One of my proudest moment’s was when I got out of a really bad relationship. It wasn’t I didn’t care about them, I loved them a lot. But I could no longer take the emotional and mental abuse… It was one of the hardest things I ever… EVER… did. And I’ve been so much better since I have.

Another was getting my permit on the second try. I am like terrified of tests/ quizzes. Because I have not dyslexia but another like version of it where I will know the answer the the question but somewhere between me reading the question and looking at the answers something goes funky so I click or write the answers I *Think* are right but when I’d go back with my mom and she read me the questions I’d say the right ones… So because I know how my brain like’s to take quizzes I hate doing them. So my taking the quiz and getting it on the second try I was shocked.

Keeping on the driving theme I was super proud of  myself also on the driving test for my License and passed! I was sooooooooo stinking nervous like you just cant believe. My stomach was nauseous, I was shaky sometimes light headed it was craaaaazyyyyyy! But I did it. And I am *SO* much happier with my license. Especially considering that driving is a stress reliever for me. 🙂



Blog challenge/ day 14 #Average day

What my average day looks like…. Well I don’t do a lot to be honest. but here we go.

Depending on when I went to bed and if I really slept much depends when I wake up. haha sometimes it’s 8 sometimes it’s 11. Then I will go and make some coffee then come back to my room and watch Netflix or a movie. Sometime’s I’ll be talking to my friends, I’ll look at Pinterest, play my favorite games on my phone of the moment, facebook, instagram, snapchat and etc. Eventually I’ll grab some food watch more tv or some youtube, snack snack snack snack snack and snack lol Might go drive around a little bit or sometimes go to town. Someday’s I go to the youth center and watch Criminal Minds or the Dick Van Dyke show.  Yeah I know… I’m pretty boring. xD

Blog Challenge/ Day 13 #If I Won the Lottery

This is kind of similar to a running joke in my family about if my dad’s mom won the lottery sometime. lol

If I won the lottery I would give a good amount of it to my parents, some friends that could use it, a small amount for some makeup for makeup looks, classes and some more towards Diabetics funds.

Blog Challenge/ Day 12 #Things that make my day

Things that make my day…

  • Music – No matter what day I’m having I will be having music going. Sometimes Im just blasting it on not as great of days.
  • Driving – Driving is a huge stress reliever for me. I’d probably be gone a lot if gas was free. lol
  • Friends/family- Sometimes talking to someone or some of them can make my days.
  • Cuddling my stuffed animals I sleep with, laying in bed and watching netflix.
  • Food. Plain and simple. lol
  • Hugs.

Blog Challenge/ Day 11 #Outfit of the day

I’m so sorry my posts haven’t been day to day but today’s challenge I’m doing yesterdays’s outfit and today’s. You will see and understand why. 🙂

Yesterday’s Outfit:

Yeseterday was Diabetes awareness day. So my mom had requested any friends who wanted to help show support to wear blue and take a picture and post it on Facebook. So Yesterday I did katies super hero mask and did entirely blue makeup and dressed in blue. Blue shirt, blue jeans, blue lips and blue eyes:)


Today’s Outfit:


Lazy Day! I’m wearing of course my mis match socks, a black tank top from walmart, workout pants from Ross and a cross between a sweatshirt and a regular shirt that says “I woke up like this”  which is also from Ross. So very comfy style today.

I’ve been in comfy clothing *a lot* lately.. lol!


blog challenge/ day 10 #Few of my favorite things


“Just a few of my favorite things!”

So in the picture are a few of the one’s I’m going to tell you about.. So we will start with those. 🙂 First picture is of me in a dress…  It’s very classy and it makes me feel more confident about myself which is the main reason I love it. Second thing is my Jeep! I love my Jeep. It’s reliable, not to shabby on gas, perfect size, can go anywhere in it and it’s just simply a Jeep! ❤  Third is my cousins Youtube channel  it’sjustdiana ! Oh my gosh I love her channel!  I jump with excitement whenever I see she’s posted a new video let alone a new blog post! 🙂  Fourth in the picture is the sunglasses. I *love* these! I got them at Ross for about $4.00 they’re comfortable, cute, kind of a rose gold-ish metal finish I absolutely love them.

Now for my other favorites…

  • Coffee. Obviously, I had to include coffee. #Coffeelover
  • Pinterest. Shock of the century ! I’m also a pinterest addict. ❤ xD
  • My Ipod. I love my music and can’t live without it. It’s either my Ipod playing or Spotify on my phone.
  • Youtube. I’ve been catching up on all my favorite youtubers since I have yet to find a job.
  • Best Fiends game.  This is a game I go back to all the time. It’s easy and you can do levels you don’t really have to think about if you want to play a game that doesn’t need you to use your brain cells but if you do you can do the harder levels once you get there. 🙂
  • Sweat Pants. I. Can’t. Even. Express. How much I love them! ❤
  • Netflix. obviously… Can’t forget bae!
  • Mcdonalds french fries! Seriously, this is my weakness…. With ranch to dip them in. ❤






blog Challenge/ Day 9 #Best Physical Feature


To me my favorite physical feature of mine is my  Hazel eyes. Which is kind of funny because I used to hate them. Especially because it draws attention to the dot in between my eyebrows. I did a post on it on my other blog if you would like to check that out click here! My brother and dad have blue eyes and my mom has more of a brown hazel eyes and my sister has big brown eyes.

It wasn’t until I got super into makeup that I really started to like my eyes. I used to think it was hard to do anything with them. But come to realize I can enhance them in so many ways colors and techniques! I can enhance the green or the brown which I love. 🙂

FACT: To me also eyes are a two way mirror. Only some people can tell it’s a two way mirror and fewer can actually see past it. I love eye contact when talking to someone because you can see so much just by someones eyes whether they’re tired, hurting, sad, happy, etc. 🙂

Blog Challenge/Day 8 #Worst habbits


My worst habits… There’s a few… Okay, maybe more than a few.. haha but lets get into the list.

  • Being clean and organized- Obviously, by the picture  and the background of my room it is not at all clean or organized…. I’m very bad at this. lol
  • Laundry- I’m really bad about keeping up with my laundry. So I typically wait till I have a mountain and then I struggle with folding… xD
  • Washing my face – I sometimes forget or get to lazy to and do the easiest way out or not at all… Which I later then regret. lol
  • Fears.. I’m really bad at letting my fears take over and keep me from doing things.
  • Overthinking. I am a very big over thinker and a deep thinker..
  • Picking at my acne… It’s horrible but I do sometimes do it. Not really sure why but I do and really need to stop that I do know.
  • Letting problems and issues build till I explode. I let everything build up  and then I break.. Which isn’t healthy at all so don’t do it and if you need someone I’m here for you! ❤

Those are the one’s I can think of but I’m sure there is more. xD

Blog Challenge/ Day 7 #What’s in my purse


What’s in my bag videos  are one of my favorite things to watch! Now I also carry like a “Mom purse” even though I am not a mom I have a lot of stuff in there.. So let’s get into the long list. xD First off the purse I found at a second hand store for a $1.00 and is a great cross body bag.


Obviously I have my Jeep keys which are on a Dr. who key chain thing with tons of stuff on it.. My Jessica Simpson wallet, Pepper Spray, Tissues, pens, Knife, Candy apple suckers, other candies, protein bars because I can get super low blood sugar, Giant Posh chapstick, two bath and body works hand sanitizers, hand cream, my Camera, makeup bag and Girl Emergency bag. img_20161110_205837_636000

I just use this medium size Tarte makeup bag I have which I keep all sorts of randomness in..

  • Small mascara sample
  • nail glue
  • nail file
  • oil blotting sheets
  • Covergirl BB cream
  • heart mirror compact
  • small body sprays
  • small primer sample
  • eyeshadow stick
  • Maybelline concealer
  • lip scrub
  • Blush n lip tint stick
  • head band
  • flat top brush
  • and tons of lip products from balms,lipsticks to glosses


What’s a *Have to have* in your purse?!


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