Toxic relationships

I wasn't sure if I was wanting to do a video on this or a blog post... Because certain situations from earlier this year have been popping up into my head or in  discussions with other people in my life. Recently this year I decided to cut some people out of my life.. Mind you … Continue reading Toxic relationships


Explore & Live

I'm someone who hated traveling. Lol I did I hated leaving my comfort zone of home. It amazes me to look back and see this girl who was never wanting to leave her home or adventure to new places voluntarily and now I've got this travel bug where I want to push myself out of … Continue reading Explore & Live

Pills, pains, and closet’s.

                 **** DISCLAIMER**** I am NOT encouraging drug use or alcohol to try and fix problems, or to try and stop pains etc. Don't do drugs, don't take pills unless needed and be wise! We all take pain meds for when our body's are Hurting whether it be from … Continue reading Pills, pains, and closet’s.

Power of Music.

If you want to know someone you should ask them what their favorite song is, what song means the most to them and which song they relate to the most. People who love music don't just love it for the sounds but for the power of the words. Same reason some people may love poetry … Continue reading Power of Music.

15 Weird Facts Tag

What's a nickname only  your family calls you? My parents call me Foofie head. What's a weird habit of yours? I have to sleep with a stuffed animal, pillow or blanket to cuddle with or I can't sleep that well. Do you have any weird phobias? I'm scared of what's in the dark. What's a … Continue reading 15 Weird Facts Tag

It’s up!

It's  up! My first video for Weds on Adventure Is Out there! It's not the best video quality, for some reason there's this weird sound I couldn't get to go away and I was talking quietly because I filmed it when everyone was in bed asleep BUT it is up! And I'm excited to get … Continue reading It’s up!

Youtube Goals.

I had mentioned I believe that one of my goals is to get better at Youtube with filming, editing, uploading etc. So I decided to set one day I will up load a video instead of a up in the air kind of uploading scheduled. I'm starting it slow and only doing one actual video … Continue reading Youtube Goals.