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Peoples Promises

There’s this quote.. from The Fault In Our Stars that Hazel says and it’s one that I’ve come to really understand and kind of love… The quote is this…


A lot of people don’t understand the promises they make these day’s or the power they now have after making that promise. This can apply to all sorts of promises that people say such as: “I love you”, “I won’t hurt you”, “I’ll always be here”, “I’m never leaving”, “I won’t ever do that again”, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere”. I mean we could really go on and on about promises people say that they don’t keep. And we all do it sometimes whether it be intentional, or we forgot or  because of circumstances…

But I don’t think everyone always understands either why people sometimes have a hard time believing their promises they make. I’ve had people get upset with me because I wasn’t believing they would keep their promise. It’s not that they themselves didn’t keep promises. It’s the fact that the promises they made such as for instance “I’ll always be there” or “I’m not going anywhere” “I’m never leaving” were always broken. Always. No matter how many times those people tried to reassure me and tell me not to worry that it would never happen. It did and they left and they were people I never thought would break those promises. So it’s not always them themselves that you don’t believe it’s the promises they make.  I’ve been on both ends of this. Being the person (still am) who doesn’t believe someone when they promise such as they will stay as well as the person who isn’t believed when I’ve made a promise because of their past. It hurts on both sides the fact that they don’t give you a chance to believe you and it hurts that we put people in those passions because we are and have been hurt and are terrified to be hurt again.

It’s sad that people come to a point where they can’t believe those who make promises that would keep them because of past people breaking promises or hurting them. Just because someone in the past or the majority of people have hurt you and broken promises etc it doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. But we sometimes will put up walls to see if someone will try to break them down for the right reasons, or we dare someone to prove us wrong because we want to be proven wrong that they will stay, they mean what they say or we mean something to them.

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Glass Hearts & Beautifully Broken.


While I was drinking my cup of breath of like aka. coffee in one of my favorite mugs this morning I was remembering some thought’s I had been thinking about last night. Like how we use Broken or shattered glass  to visualize broken trust or a broken person. I was also thinking how our hearts and ourselves are kind of like glass.

In this world where there’s all sorts of things and ways we can get hurt  they  all create different cracks in the glass hearts. Some create little nicks or scratches, some  small cracks, and some things that are quite large create a giant crack or multiple. And Sometimes it takes just one small thing on that broken glass to make it spider crack everywhere or it’s one giant thing that just completely shatters. However a good majority  of the time in our lives it’s tons of little things with different types of cracks and nicks and then something small hits just the right spot at the right speed and  it spiders cracks everywhere and sometimes shatters everything and the heart or we ourselves are broken.

When glass is broken  you can’t put it back exactly how it was before. It takes time to put it back together, you may hurt yourself on the sharp edges or on the small sharp slivers  picking up the pieces and when putting it back together  It will have cracks showing where it had been hit. It will no longer be perfect and there may be pieces missing and it won’t be quite as strong as before.  It’s still beautiful even though it’s been broken  especially when the sun shines through it’s cracks. ❤

You’re still valuable and beautiful (or handsome) even though you’ve been broken especially to those who love you and are just as if not more so more beautiful than you were before especially when the sun shines through your cracks you sparkle and glisten. ❤

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