Y O G A Challenge !

One of my goals on the Bucket List  post I did recently for this summer is to do some yoga every day even if its just a little bit. And I figured  Why wait till summer?  And I couldn't resist this morning! I woke up, opened my blinds and there was SUNSHINE and 40 Degrees … Continue reading Y O G A Challenge !


BUCKET LIST Summer 2018🌺

    🌻  Buy myself some flowers  🌻 Do a little bit of Yoga everyday.  🌻 Take a Road trip  🌻 Go Camping with friends  🌻 Get another Piercing  🌻 Messy Twister with Friends  🌻Go to a Drive in Movie  🌻 Leave a note in a library book  🌻 Bonfire with Friends  🌻 Lake Trip  🌻 Go to a Concert  🌻 Stargazing: Fill up a truck … Continue reading BUCKET LIST Summer 2018🌺

Toxic relationships

I wasn't sure if I was wanting to do a video on this or a blog post... Because certain situations from earlier this year have been popping up into my head or in  discussions with other people in my life. Recently this year I decided to cut some people out of my life.. Mind you … Continue reading Toxic relationships

Guys… I have an addiction… 

For those of you who don't follow my Instagram.... You may not know this... I have an addiction. It's been for a small while now... But you need to know about it. Its called.. Body candy. Thats right! I'm addicted to Body Candy ! For those who dont know what body candy is.. Body Candy is a … Continue reading Guys… I have an addiction…