Long time no post..


Hey guys, long time no chat.

I’ve gotta say, this feels pretty weird sitting here writing a blog post after being MIA for a while.  I won’t lie, a lot has happened. What was even weirder was I didn’t feel like writing even in the darkest of what’s happened and those of you who saw some of  my past posts may know that’s typically when I do write the best or would want to is when things go wrong, or I’m hurt or whatever reason. But I decided now to get back to it but like I said I won’t lie… I don’t have full motivation back for blogging or doing videos. But I think it would be good for me to have a outlet to let things out and talk as well as it may help others not just myself. lol So here we are! Hope things with everyone have been good and if they haven’t it’s okay, your not alone and we will get through the bad days. 🙂

On good news I decided to do some tags and challenges. So stay tuned for those!

Hope you all have a fantastic morning and I’ll talk to you in the next post! ❤


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