Why I love Makeup.

Half makeup & half bare skin and beautiful both ways.

I’ve had some comments saying I wear makeup because I’m trying to cover up who I am. But in reality makeup is part of who I am.  I don’t just love it for the colors , looks and to hide imperfections. I love how it can be such an amazing tool in peoples lives and have such impact!  I’ve seen so many stories how makeup has helped people. Stories from girls who have severe acne/ acne scaring or other marks that make them feel insecure about themselves and how makeup helped boost their confidence. No, I am NOT saying that they weren’t or are not beautiful with out makeup. But acne, beauty marks , and etc can have an affect on how you feel about yourself. Especially in this world where perfection is such a pressured look and expectation. Have you ever looked at the youtube comments of beauty videos? If you haven’t there is Hundreds upon Hundreds of comments within the kind and sweet words of fans and subscribers that are horrible, hurtful and bullying comments about how they look.  A good majority of the time now youtubers will end up disabling the comments on videos to avoid the bullying. And going off of bullying, some girls find makeup as a way to deal with bullying both to fight against it by making themselves feel better but also to help be a stress reliever. (Makeup can be quite therapeutic tbh.)  I’ve seen several girls youtube videos on their stories and how makeup helped them through bullying or other things even through life and how it helped them gain a confidence about themselves.

Another way that makeup can be a huge impact in peoples lives is Cancer survivors or people who are struggling with it who have lost all their hair. Yes, they’re still beautiful and you see it and so do I but they don’t always see it let alone feel it. I discussed this with a dear friend of mine and she said how some women or girls would look in the mirror and they will not recognize that person in the mirror. That isn’t “Them” or the person they know.  I’ve seen several videos where a daughter or friend did a makeover on someone who had or was struggling with cancer and they had lost all their hair. Yes, that means eyelashes and eyebrows to keep in mind… And the womens faces after the makeup, false lashes, eyebrows created etc… They we’re GLOWING and their smile was different then the one before because you could tell she felt beautiful or even more beautiful.

For myself personally I used to hate my face. So much acne scaring and acne etc… I loved covering it up and evening out the coloring etc.. But eventually it and learning how taking care of your skin can help you love your skin how it is and so you can be confident with and without makeup.

Those are some of the ways makeup impacts peoples lives.  I love makeup because it can change lives in a sense. That is why I love makeup. Not just for the transforming into other characters and people, the colors, techniques,  covering things up etc… But what it can do and how it can help and make others feel.

Every women is beautiful with and without makeup. And I just wanted to share this. ❤


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