Pills, pains, and closet’s.

                 **** DISCLAIMER****

I am NOT encouraging drug use or alcohol to try and fix problems, or to try and stop pains etc. Don’t do drugs, don’t take pills unless needed and be wise!

We all take pain meds for when our body’s are Hurting whether it be from broken bones, torn muscles, cramps, soreness, ect. And after taking them they give some relief from the pain. 

I sometimes wish there was a magic pill that could just take the pains from inside away. But we can’t really numb the pains that are inside like a broken heart, broken trust, being left, betrayed, depressed, etc. I mean some people try with drinking  or drug usage but after the drunkenness and the high wear off the pains are still there and they live in this cycle of trying to forget or numb the pain but when they Wake up its there and they try it again. It doesn’t fix things in a way it just kind of makes it worse in a way. Because your not fixing the problem your just prolonging it in a sense. Some people tell me I don’t get it why they do it and I say that isn’t correct. I have some things to I’d give anything to forget or numb the pain But I know that drugs and alcohol won’t fix them and if they do  it’s for the short term and the drugs especially can come with a huge list of horrible side affects or payments for such short term of temporary fixes. 

You cant just forget about the pain or pretend it isnt there that doesnt work because as in the FIOS movie line says 

 “Pain demands to be felt.”

 You can’t keep trying to push it into a closet and forget about it. Like the  “I can’t see you so you cant see me” thing that doesnt work with this. Lol The more you try to shove bad things in your minds closet and use that rule It’s just like the outcome of when my closet had doors and I’d stuff stuff in there and quickly close the door. When you try to  shove the bad stuff  in and quickly close the door it may bust open and everything comes out on top of you at once and that’s just one giant mess. (Aka. So much overload of crap normally leads to meltdowns. Well with me anyways.) So ignoring pain just comes back to get you. I really recommend finding better ways to deal with things. You will heal sometimes it takes longer then others but eventually you will. The atruggles just not to become bitter or hard after being hurt and healed. 

I personally prefer to try and watch Disney happy movies, listen to music partially stuff I can relate to right there and then and some to per me up a bit, read, write and eat some French fries or play with makeup. Do something you enjoy because you need to enjoy and make something good to help you when you feel like crap. 

And also  remember if you have true friends they’re there for you and will help however they can. 


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