Glass Hearts & Beautifully Broken.


While I was drinking my cup of breath (aka. coffee) in one of my favorite mugs this morning, I was remembering some thoughts I had been thinking about last night. Like how we use broken or shattered glass to visualize broken trust, or a broken person. I was also thinking about how our hearts are like glass.

In this world there are all sorts of things and ways we can get hurt; they create different cracks in our glass hearts. Some create little nicks or scratches, some small cracks, and some fractures that are quite large create a giant crack or multiple. Sometimes it takes just one small damage to that broken glass to make it spider crack everywhere. Or maybe it’s one giant thing that just completely shatters it. However, a good majority  of the time  it’s tons of little things with different types of cracks and nicks that combine with something small that hits just the right spot, at the right speed, and the glass spider cracks everywhere; sometimes shattering everything, and we ourselves are then broken.

When glass is broken, you can’t put it back exactly how it was before. It takes time to put it back together. You may hurt yourself on the sharp edges, or on the small sharp slivers while picking up the pieces. And when you put it back together, it will have cracks showing where it had been broken. It will no longer be perfect. There may be pieces missing and it won’t be quite as strong as before.  It’s still beautiful even though it’s been broken. Especially when the sun shines through it’s cracks. ❤

You’re still valuable and beautiful (or handsome) even though you’ve been broken. Especially to those who love you. You are just as beautfiul, if not more beautiful than you were before. Because when the sun shines through your cracks, you sparkle and glisten. ❤


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