Power of Music.


If you want to know someone you should ask them what their favorite song is, what song means the most to them and which song they relate to the most. People who love music don’t just love it for the sounds but for the power of the words. Same reason some people may love poetry and beautiful words because the lyrics, and words could put it better then ourselves. We sometimes find bits and pieces of ourselves in songs and quote  or even something that memories are linked to and can come flooding back from hearing one song. You can remember how you felt, where you were, what was going on, who you were with etc not as powerful as smell but it can be pretty powerful still.

A song that does that to me is one a friend told me to listen to when I was the lowest I had ever been and I couldn’t explain how I was feeling or thinking  to people but when I tried with them they got it and understood. The songs called Paralyzed by NF. (If your not into a little rap or darker songs you will not like it.) It explained exactly how I felt and I fell in love with it. So now when I think of that time around August/ October and the lowest points of the lowest, where I was so unhappy, so broken spirited, loss of hope and did good if I only cried 2-3 times a day, to the one night late after work sitting in my Jeep after balling for 3-4 hours debating whether it was worth it to keep trying or to just end it. This song takes me back to then especially that night.  In it’s own way it helped me through that time as well as some other songs. “When your happy you listen to the music when your sad you listen to the lyrics. ”

Songs can make your feel even worse and more depressed, Sometimes they destroy your motivation , sometimes they build it, sometimes they boost your mood, sometimes they put you in the pits of despair and sometimes they can help you out of the pit. Songs aren’t always “Just songs” sometimes they’re someones friend, or voice they can’t bring themselves to use themselves.

Musics a powerful thing and you can tell a lot about someone by what they’re listening to, and song’s they love the most. If you choose to ask someone what they’re songs are.. I highly suggest you really take the time to really think about the words either look up the lyric video for the songs or the lyrics themselves.  🙂

What’s your favorite song? Leave it in the comments below and I will listen to it ❤



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