Adventuring into Yoga Class

Hello! Hope your day went well! Mine was pretty good and I will definitely feel it tomorrow. 😉

I decided to actually do it. I went to Yoga Class tonight!  I was worried about going. And I almost backed out. However I told the instructor I would go so there was no way I would be backing out after that. I was worried that people would stare, make fun or I’d fall flat on my face or be expected to be able to do everything perfectly. But A. the instructor is amazing and so kind and all my fears were not true. Also note I didn’t fall flat on my face even though at some point I felt like it! haha 🙂 Next time I will definitely not wear jeans in the class however. lol! (I did take leggings just couldn’t find the bathroom to change and was like eh… they’re not super un comfortable jeans.. YOLO.)

Somethings were pretty hard or my body didn’t want to go that direction or bend and I had no idea on somethings what I was doing. But it was really relaxing (When not worrying if I can keep doing the dog pose without collapsing. xD) enjoyable and rewarding. I really liked the fact there was like only 3 other people besides e and the instructor tonight also. (I enjoy smaller groups.)  I most certainly will be going again as well as trying to practice some of the poses at home.  I’m blessed to be able to have a class that is by donation, super chill and that I know the very sweet instructor who helped me not feel as nervous and was encouraging as well as a friend. 🙂

So one thing I can cross off my bucket list and didn’t let fear keep me from it! 😀


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