I am one of those people who is just REALLY bad at keeping my room organized and clean. It’s not that I don’t try it’s just not one of my strengths. This year I realized how much I was like my dad and this was one of them… lol! My mom like’s to claim she can tell how I’m doing in life by how my room is.. Which in a way makes sense considering the main times I get the motivation to clean/ deep clean my room is when I’m sick or feel like I have no control so I need to control something in my life. haha

After that little randomness I decided when I was sick to have my room clean by Thursday the 5th and I had lost motivation for two day’s and figured that wouldn’t be happening.. Until Thursday I finished cleaning. haha! Now my room is 100% clean besides the small stuff together to go out to the garage. My rooms so clean I’m not sure I know where to find things.. o.o  This whole 100% clean room is not normal for me… It’s nice but weird. haha!

Here’s some pictures to prove it is clean…  Ps.  I also vlogged a little bit of it also which I will be editing sometime soon. 🙂