Blog challenge/ day 16. My Proudest moment

I have a few of my proudest moments and since I can’t just choose one here’s the few moment’s. 🙂

One of my proudest moment’s was when I got out of a really bad relationship. It wasn’t I didn’t care about them, I loved them a lot. But I could no longer take the emotional and mental abuse… It was one of the hardest things I ever… EVER… did. And I’ve been so much better since I have.

Another was getting my permit on the second try. I am like terrified of tests/ quizzes. Because I have not dyslexia but another like version of it where I will know the answer the the question but somewhere between me reading the question and looking at the answers something goes funky so I click or write the answers I *Think* are right but when I’d go back with my mom and she read me the questions I’d say the right ones… So because I know how my brain like’s to take quizzes I hate doing them. So my taking the quiz and getting it on the second try I was shocked.

Keeping on the driving theme I was super proud of  myself also on the driving test for my License and passed! I was sooooooooo stinking nervous like you just cant believe. My stomach was nauseous, I was shaky sometimes light headed it was craaaaazyyyyyy! But I did it. And I am *SO* much happier with my license. Especially considering that driving is a stress reliever for me. 🙂



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