Blog challenge/ day 14 #Average day

What my average day looks like…. Well I don’t do a lot to be honest. but here we go.

Depending on when I went to bed and if I really slept much depends when I wake up. haha sometimes it’s 8 sometimes it’s 11. Then I will go and make some coffee then come back to my room and watch Netflix or a movie. Sometime’s I’ll be talking to my friends, I’ll look at Pinterest, play my favorite games on my phone of the moment, facebook, instagram, snapchat and etc. Eventually I’ll grab some food watch more tv or some youtube, snack snack snack snack snack and snack lol Might go drive around a little bit or sometimes go to town. Someday’s I go to the youth center and watch Criminal Minds or the Dick Van Dyke show.  Yeah I know… I’m pretty boring. xD


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