blog challenge/ day 10 #Few of my favorite things


“Just a few of my favorite things!”

So in the picture are a few of the one’s I’m going to tell you about.. So we will start with those. 🙂 First picture is of me in a dress…  It’s very classy and it makes me feel more confident about myself which is the main reason I love it. Second thing is my Jeep! I love my Jeep. It’s reliable, not to shabby on gas, perfect size, can go anywhere in it and it’s just simply a Jeep! ❤  Third is my cousins Youtube channel  it’sjustdiana ! Oh my gosh I love her channel!  I jump with excitement whenever I see she’s posted a new video let alone a new blog post! 🙂  Fourth in the picture is the sunglasses. I *love* these! I got them at Ross for about $4.00 they’re comfortable, cute, kind of a rose gold-ish metal finish I absolutely love them.

Now for my other favorites…

  • Coffee. Obviously, I had to include coffee. #Coffeelover
  • Pinterest. Shock of the century ! I’m also a pinterest addict. ❤ xD
  • My Ipod. I love my music and can’t live without it. It’s either my Ipod playing or Spotify on my phone.
  • Youtube. I’ve been catching up on all my favorite youtubers since I have yet to find a job.
  • Best Fiends game.  This is a game I go back to all the time. It’s easy and you can do levels you don’t really have to think about if you want to play a game that doesn’t need you to use your brain cells but if you do you can do the harder levels once you get there. 🙂
  • Sweat Pants. I. Can’t. Even. Express. How much I love them! ❤
  • Netflix. obviously… Can’t forget bae!
  • Mcdonalds french fries! Seriously, this is my weakness…. With ranch to dip them in. ❤







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