Blog Challenge/Day 8 #Worst habbits


My worst habits… There’s a few… Okay, maybe more than a few.. haha but lets get into the list.

  • Being clean and organized- Obviously, by the picture  and the background of my room it is not at all clean or organized…. I’m very bad at this. lol
  • Laundry- I’m really bad about keeping up with my laundry. So I typically wait till I have a mountain and then I struggle with folding… xD
  • Washing my face – I sometimes forget or get to lazy to and do the easiest way out or not at all… Which I later then regret. lol
  • Fears.. I’m really bad at letting my fears take over and keep me from doing things.
  • Overthinking. I am a very big over thinker and a deep thinker..
  • Picking at my acne… It’s horrible but I do sometimes do it. Not really sure why but I do and really need to stop that I do know.
  • Letting problems and issues build till I explode. I let everything build up  and then I break.. Which isn’t healthy at all so don’t do it and if you need someone I’m here for you! ❤

Those are the one’s I can think of but I’m sure there is more. xD


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