blog Challenge/ Day 9 #Best Physical Feature


To me my favorite physical feature of mine is my  Hazel eyes. Which is kind of funny because I used to hate them. Especially because it draws attention to the dot in between my eyebrows. I did a post on it on my other blog if you would like to check that out click here! My brother and dad have blue eyes and my mom has more of a brown hazel eyes and my sister has big brown eyes.

It wasn’t until I got super into makeup that I really started to like my eyes. I used to think it was hard to do anything with them. But come to realize I can enhance them in so many ways colors and techniques! I can enhance the green or the brown which I love. 🙂

FACT: To me also eyes are a two way mirror. Only some people can tell it’s a two way mirror and fewer can actually see past it. I love eye contact when talking to someone because you can see so much just by someones eyes whether they’re tired, hurting, sad, happy, etc. 🙂


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