Blog Challenge/ Day 7 #What’s in my purse


What’s in my bag videos  are one of my favorite things to watch! Now I also carry like a “Mom purse” even though I am not a mom I have a lot of stuff in there.. So let’s get into the long list. xD First off the purse I found at a second hand store for a $1.00 and is a great cross body bag.


Obviously I have my Jeep keys which are on a Dr. who key chain thing with tons of stuff on it.. My Jessica Simpson wallet, Pepper Spray, Tissues, pens, Knife, Candy apple suckers, other candies, protein bars because I can get super low blood sugar, Giant Posh chapstick, two bath and body works hand sanitizers, hand cream, my Camera, makeup bag and Girl Emergency bag. img_20161110_205837_636000

I just use this medium size Tarte makeup bag I have which I keep all sorts of randomness in..

  • Small mascara sample
  • nail glue
  • nail file
  • oil blotting sheets
  • Covergirl BB cream
  • heart mirror compact
  • small body sprays
  • small primer sample
  • eyeshadow stick
  • Maybelline concealer
  • lip scrub
  • Blush n lip tint stick
  • head band
  • flat top brush
  • and tons of lip products from balms,lipsticks to glosses


What’s a *Have to have* in your purse?!



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