blog Challenge/ Day 6 #Pet Peeves


I personally love finding out peoples weird quirks and pet peeves etc. If I like you I want to know more than just your favorite color and food. So let’s get into a few of mine shall we? Note: Some of these may be a little ridiculous.. Who am I kidding?! Probably all of them! ;D

  • Chapped lips. I can NOT stand dry and chapped lips. I have a chapstick or 5 on me at all times! And If I can’t find one or the one I had on me we go into a panic and destroy the place to find it. haha!
  • Semi Spotless Windshield. This could be clean of dirt or no water drops when it rains either way I will have a windshield I can see through clearly. xD
  • How my jeans and shirts are folded.  As in the back pockets of the pants can’t be on the outside folded. No, no no… xD
  • Assumptions. Now there is good assumptions however when people assume the worst of others and don’t try to get what the actual story is or the other persons side. It really ticks me off. Best way to tick me off is assumptions.
  • A messy room.  This is kinda a funny one because I am NO way shape or form a clean and organized person whatsoever. lol xD

What’s your biggest pet peeve?


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