Blog Challenge/ Day 5 #Fears


Today we’re talking about fears. Everyone is afraid of something, if they say they don’t they’re lying. haha ;P  I have some silly fears and some serious and I’ll tell you a few of both.

  • Secret of Nims 2 movie – Not everyone remembers that movie or even know’s what they are. But I *really* do  N O T like it. The part with his brother… and the cats.. and the singing… NOPE, nope nopedy nope nope.
  • Zombies- Another huge fat NOPE. I do not do zombies. I used to be able to at least stand them but after a horrible nightmare I can’t do it. lol
  • Losing my family- I’ve always been afraid of losing my family. And after earlier this year, kinda even more so.
  • What’s in the dark- I’m not scared of the dark I’m scared of whats in the dark.  haha
  • Out of my comfort zone- I’m not someone who enjoys always being out of my comfort zone or doing things that are out of my comfort zone. But I still push myself to try and do different new things anyways. 🙂

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