Blog C H A L L E N G E #20 F a c t s

Today’s blog challenge is 20 facts about me. 🙂 So if you wanted to learn  little more about me here ya go! Be sure to go check out my cousins Blog post as well! Nanner662 Blog Challenge


  1. I *love* my hot cup of happiness  in the morning. ❤
  2. If it’s super hero related show, I will become obsessed with it. 😉
  3. I do N O T do Zombies. Nope. Nopedy, nope, nope.
  4. I can speak 3 languages: English, song lyrics and Movie references.
  5. I can’t live without my Chapstick.
  6.  My favorite scent of all time is Playboy’s Play it Lovely.
  7. I love beautiful words and quotes. So much. ❤
  8. I think more than people think I do. I’m a Over thinker.
  9. My desire and goal is to be a Makeup Artist.
  10. I have a beauty blog! Gorgeous Geek 32 <– Right there if you wanna go check it out. 😉
  11. Food. Is. Bae. ❤ ❤
  12. I love helping people.
  13.  I love music ❤
  14.  I’m a very un-organized and messy person. haha
  15.  I am  NOT good at video games even though they’re fun to play and I have no idea what I may be doing. xD
  16. I sleep with my stuffed giant dog named Valentine and my Mr. big fat fluffy penguin.
  17. I will be 20 on December 5th.
  18. I have 5 piercings.
  19. I’m a Pastors Daughter.
  20. I love me some Good Disney movies ❤



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