Welcome to adventure is out there! Yes, we have moved locations. 😉 A lot has changed in the past 6 months/ or more. For those who don’t know me from GorgeousGeek32 blog or my past Adventures out there blog, Hello! I’m Erin, I’m also 20 and I want to be a makeup artist. I live in beautiful wonderful Wyoming. ❤ This past year I started a job in town where I would be back and forth from town and home, my little sister of 10 would be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and other stuff. But as life is an on going adventure some parts of it good some not.  Now I am looking for a new job and have more time on my hands to blog and start up my youtube! 🙂 My other blog is GorgeousGeek32 If you’d like to go check that out! 🙂 Life’s full of adventures big and small and I can’t wait to share and experience them with you guys! 😀